How to Know If A Rich Man Is Real or Scammer

How to Know If A Rich Man Is Real or ScammerLet's set the scene, you've met a rich guy on a website set up for that purpose and he seems absolutely amazing. He is offering you everything you need and in his photos, he appears to be pretty good looking too! This does happen occasionally of course but some would think, this could be too good to be true. Although the majority of rich men dating sites have measures in place to confirm the identity of the rich guys in question, some scammers do unfortunately slip through the net. Carry on reading to discover some things to look out for that might indicate the rich guy you are talking to, is in fact a scammer.

1. There are always excuses not to meet

If he is a genuine wealthy man and is interested in you, he will want to meet up in real life before long. Sure, things come up from time to time especially if he is a businessman but if there is excuse after excuse, this is definitely a red flag. If this guy keeps refusing to meet up and seems to keep giving you the run around, stop talking to him and find somebody else who catches your eye instead.

2. He asks YOU for money

If he is a millionaire, should he really be asking you for money? He might come up with some crazy excuse as to why he needs to borrow cash, a good one is "my money is all tied up in stocks/assets right now". If he has enough money to come onto this website on the search for women to spoil, he should not need to borrow money from you for any reason. If he asks you for money, hit the block button and also report him to the website.

3. His photos seem suspicious

The rich men on these sites will have photos of them on their profile and if his seems suspicious, this is a definite red flag. This could include having a photo that seems like it is being posed by a model or he is just a little bit TOO good looking. You can actually do reverse image searches on photos nowadays and Google will tell you if they exist anywhere else online and where. This can be really helpful in figuring out if your dream man is all that he seems to be.

4. He refuses to video chat

After a while of chatting online, you would expect to take things to the next level, even if that doesn't mean meeting in the flesh quite yet. In the age that we live in, video calls are a given and Skype is completely free to download. With the technology available, there is literally no excuse not to be doing this. If he refuses to video chat and comes up with reasons as to why he cannot, ask yourself why this could be. He might be lying about how he looks of course but then you need to consider, what else is he not telling the truth about?

5. He is too out there

The lives of millionaires are often very lavish but if he is often coming up with stories and they sound like something out of a James Bond Movie, consider the fact that he is telling lies. He wants to sound as interesting as possible to you but he is going a little overboard. Perhaps he is sounding too good to be true in terms of how much money he makes.etc. as a way to try and impress you. You need to trust your gut instinct on this one and listen for indiscrepancies with his stories, liars often find it hard to keep up with their own claims!


It's possible to meet an amazing wealthy guy on rich men dating sites but don't waste your time talking to somebody who clearly isn't as he claims to be. The mentioned tips should help you determine if your new internet love interest is going to deliver on all his claims or not. There are so many different rich men in your area that you can find on these websites, so don't waste your time on those who are not genuine.